Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Life is a Metaphor

 I was listening to an interview of a man by the name Christopher Tims who is a Mystic, a seeker and a teacher of the Mystery's of life.  He spoke about how Spirit teaches us through metaphor- something I try to be aware of as the writing I did back in May attests to:

 May 25, 2012
I stepped in chewing gum yesterday, only to be discovered this AM.  It is a disgusting thing to clean up, and I who takes responsibility for my life ask, “Why did I create this mess? What does this mean?” As I began to work on the gooey mess, angry with the inconsiderateness of some other who blatantly spit out the morsel of gooey yuck onto the ground without a thought as to how it would affect another-namely me, I began to understand the metaphor and how it related to my life specifically.  Recently I went to a seminar and during that weekend, I had an epiphany about how I had been leading my life- I had been living from an energy that was not my own, basically asleep to my personal truth, and when one does that, one has a deep unexplained dis-ease within the self.  This is something that was so true to me, and with this new awareness I have been walking around in a sort of emotional incongruity, not sure what is mine, and what is an adopted mask. The gum, represents the mask, the disguise I had taken on, for whatever reason, (survival at its basic level, as children we learn to adapt to survive), and the cleaning of the gum represents the clearing away of that which does not belong to uncover the truth of myself that lies beneath.  What an incredible insight. I  managed to clean the gum from the bottom of my shoe and that gives me such hope and joy really as I see that my true self is becoming exposed.The gum being spit out unconsciously represents the sleep that we are in until the moment we start to wake up to a bigger truth, we start to remember who we really are.  My heart is so full of joy at this realization.  Thank you, gum, thank you person asleep who helped me to recognize that I am indeed waking up!

Monday, June 4, 2012

The power of Vision, Intuitive Voice is Strong

Spirit is strong within me today.  Someone asked me a question and I could feel my lower or ego self-sort of slip away- tingly- with the sensation of some great wisdom flowing through me.  In the past I would give away my “power” to say that what came through was “channeled” but now I realize that I am writing the words, it is my higher self, my over soul if you will.  I recognize that this is what we all have in common as we- all of us are this big giant mass of consciousness- and it is there, right there at our finger tips, guiding us gently- and when we begin to practice listening- and there are so many ways to do so, when we practice listening and acknowledging what we hear, feel, see, it gets stronger- our connection gets stronger and we begin to be carried into the flow of ALL THAT IS.  How beautiful is that?  How incredibly joyous and complete and serene?  If you have any questions you can email me and I will do my best to give you an answer, but you must be warned that it has been my experience that what I see and hear may not be what you want to hear, but I feel confident that when looked at honestly you will find truth.  

Below is a Question that someone posed- asking me to allow my higher self to answer.  I believe the answer is relevant to each and every one of us:

It is time for me to forgive myself for something that happened in my lifetime or a past one. I believe I broke a promise and I have carried this burden of guilt for many years. If you could give me some details about the situation as I believe it may have been something from a past life time with Christ. Also, some meditation, ritual I might do to cleanse myself of all the blame, guilt. I am so grateful for this service dear friend

Have you read A Course in Miracles?

Study this work if only one passage on the above page as you will find truth.  Forgiveness is an illusion- the Christ ed  Energy holds no bonds over anyone- there is nothing you could have done to cause yourself this pain.  You are truly loved and this must be known to the deepest of your core- you are infinitely everything- and no one thing can take that away from you. You must release this erroneous belief now.  Tap on your third eye and repeat  “I am hearing the love of All That Is”.  Tap on your sternum, “ I am good, I am loved”, “Everyone is good, everything is good”.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself “l love You” and say it until you are finished crying (because it will bring up tears of release) and make that part of your practice.  Look in the mirror and tell yourself “l forgive You” and say it until you are finished crying and make that part of your daily practice until you feel the truth of it. 

Jesus Christ was love and that is all- unconditional- any promise that you broke was with yourself and with yourself do you hold yourself in bondage.  It is time to rise up and be free.  Be free to be the most magnificent that you can be, be the loving, respectful, respected, caring, kind, courageous, wise, being living in integrity that you can be.

The details of past lives are just that, and if you want to rewrite them you have the ability to do so as time is an illusion.  Just use the imagination ability that you posses to create the world as you would like it to be. Go within and rewrite the scenario anyway you wish it to be and it will be so.  You, as we all are, are a creator, co-creators and that is all we are- pure consciousness creating an experience.  Use the incredible power of your creative mind to recreate and create that which you desire.

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Steal like an Artist- tips for being proactively creative

Why I need to write 1st thing in the morning:
  If I don’t I am so easily distracted by everything!!!

Having said that, I read this great book today called “Steal like an Artist” by Austin Kleon.  It is a small book with a lot of good ideas for cultivating one’s creativity.  I found it to be delightfully inclusive, and I related to a lot of what he has to say. One point that makes me rethink how I approach things was regarding the internet.  I do not have a great presence  on the internet, especially shy on facebook, as I find it a huge sink hole of time. But I recognize  one of the truths that Austin (I hope he doesn’t mind if I call him by his first name, though we have not met) maintains; the internet holds the key to a huge world of like-minded folks, fellowship as he refers to it, especially if you live in a small town and are not that social, which is in fact, my plight.  I have a busy life, mother, artist and entrepreneur and I do value my time, I actually demand a bit of solitude, as Betty Davis would say, “I want to be alone”, in order to be ready to create as much as I do. But I like to share ideas and learn- another thing he felt was so important- to always be learning. Hear, hear!!!  I am all about learning new things.
In the book he also suggested that one keep a calendar so that you can check off the boxes daily as you commit yourself to a project- writing a page a day and in 365 you may have a novel or as Jerry Seinfeld used the system, whom Austin stole the idea, write a joke a day.  As you check the boxes every day, you create a chain and you don’t want to break the chain so you do the work.  Brilliant!!! For me it gave me an excuse to create a new notebook with graph paper so I can color in the boxes and get in my 10 minutes of daily writing!!!!
Now this book is one that needs to be read over a few times, and it goes along side “The War of Art” by Steven Pressfeild and Art and Fear by David Bayles, Ted Orland, both of which I need read again.

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Waking up and paying attention

  May 24, 2012
Write for 10 min.
Today I want to share something my 12 year old daughter wrote for her class:

Surviving 6th Grade
To some sixth grade is a piece of cake, but to others it’s as hard as a rock. Either way, it’s best to be prepared for the unexpected, so here are some guidelines to success.
First, be prepared. Preparation is key to success and not just in the sixth grade. Being prepared is a life skill and can be used in almost any situation.  It is what you need to get the job done.
Next, always be organized, even if it’s not in class. Again it’s a life skill, and can help you be more efficient.  If you’re not organized, you could lose valuable work for class, and excuses like, “my dog ate my homework” won’t be sufficient.
Lastly, always PAT ATTENTION IN CLASS!!!! Once again, it’s a life skill, and if you don’t you could lose important information that won’t be available again. Not paying attention wastes your time, not to mention you and your teacher’s time, and could be a big distraction to others around you.
In conclusion, be prepared, be organized, and ALWAYS pay attention, in or out of class. All of these are vital to surviving not only the sixth grade, but the demands of the adult world too.
By Ruth Kemp March 30, 2012

I read this and said to myself, as I often do regarding my daughter, “How old is she?”  Ruth is someone who knows herself and has a few clues about how to make her mark in the world.  I can take what she says a step farther, as is my tendency, to include the realm of your inner life and guidance system. 
Preparation is a key element to hearing the guidance of your life- you must free up time, even if it is only 5 minutes, to breathe deep and BE STILL.  Ask what you need and listen for the answer- it may come as a still small voice or it can be a feeling , a word said, or something that catches your eye, such as a book or article being read by the person across from you, but until you are prepared- open to and conscious of the opportunity, you will not receive the subtle messages you are receiving constantly from Source energy.

Organization plays a role in that you need to have an organized structure to your energetic health.  Daily routines that include energetic clearing and raising of vibrations, as well as affirmations that keep you in a positive frame of mind  are beneficial as well as tools to help you when your emotional  buttons are being pushed or you find yourself in a stressful situation.

And as Ruth stressed in her essay, paying attention is paramount to navigating the illusion of Maya- you are the creator of your life, pay attention to how you energetically form that world. Every thought, word and deed is supercharged with intention and that intention is what creates your world.

“The greatest secret in life is that reality is nothing more than an illusion. The physical
world does not exist outside our own belief system and the filter of our mind.
We are, in fact, sub-particles of God experiencing creation itself.

But as sub-particles of God, we also have sway over these creations.
Everything you experience in life, every event, occurrence, object, person –
is nothing more than a figment of your own thoughts, beliefs and words.
Life is thus like a lucid dream. We have total control.
The problem is...
Most of us are still asleep.
When you understand this ,your entire world shifts, and you come to realize the true meaning of life.”
I am not sure who said this but I acquired it from an email sent to me from The Chakra Team at FinerMinds- it fit perfectly into this blog post.

With love and blessings, Carol

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Operating instructions- 100% responsibility

 Write for 10 Min.

How to be a human when you are truly an infinite being
Imagine If you were born with instructions- each and every baby would emerge from his or her mother’s womb with a little tag on its toe that read:
Instructions for my care
1.       Love me with all of your heart
2.       Refer to me as the infinite being that I am
3.       Regard the huge ball of light that emanates from me- my energy system
4.       Read energy system instructions
5.       Remind me constantly that I am an infinite being and that I know all and am all that is as I am connected to the source that is ALL THAT IS
6.       Remind me to always ask for help, that I was given free will, but all I need do is ask and it will be given unto me
Surely life would be much simpler if we all had some instructions, but part of our journey is to re-member our truth, that indeed we are an expression of ALL THAT IS, or SOURCE or GOD if you will.
Having said that let us begin to unravel the mystery that is within us, that makes us so unique.  You , I am sure have heard of the great Bard- Will Shakespeare  and his famous poem
All the world is a stage
All the world's a stage,
And all the men and women merely players;
They have their exits and their entrances,
And one man in his time plays many parts,

This is not such a far-fetched idea.  If one were to view their life from this vantage point then they could direct the play in a much more pleasing manner.  Of course this would mean one would have to own one’s personal behavior, meaning all of the drama that one causes would have to be carefully scrutinized, a task which, if one is honest is much more difficult then it seems, because it would mean, dear friend that one would have to take full responsibility for everything that happened and happens in your life.  This is not a new concept, and certainly this is not the first essay to address any of these concepts.  This is a book that presents the information in another way.  Much like math is taught in many ways by many teachers, this is but one more way to present these ideas.
I know what you are thinking, “why on earth would I create such a dreadful situation in my life, with the suffering I must endure from ( you choose the drama that fits) cancer, abuse, lying, cheating and war, starvation….  The list is endless and because time is endless (though just a construct of man, therefore a projection onto consciousness) the drama could seemingly go on and on.
But we as a people, we who inhabit Earth and this collective consciousness that we are experiencing now, have an opportunity to stop the insanity now.  More and more people are coming to this realization, a consciousness is growing and evolving which has been growing and evolving t since the beginning (which poses another topic of discussion as time is just a creation of mind and therefore there is no beginning and no end).  Have I begun to scramble your mind yet?  I hope so because only then can you begin to allow for a new view of how things really are, the truth of who you are and the connection you have to everyone of your brothers and sisters- and yes that includes vegetation and rocks as well as trees.  We are all a beautiful collection of energy sparks that create everything that we feel, and envision.  We live in the ultimate game- the game of life, and we get to BE whatever it is that we want to BE.  And, as you will find as you continue to read this, that which you want to BE you already are.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Day of Awakening

Write for 10 min.
April 16, 2012
 Today is a day of awakening as is every day, but today is an opportunity to consciously raise your vibration with everything that you do.  Bless everything that you see, and breathe deep.  When you speak with someone, take a deep breath and say a blessing before you open your mouth, smile as much as you can as this will give you a lift in spirits.  When you sit down to eat your food, bless all that you have and all that is around you.  And it goes without saying, no complaints today.  If you find yourself complaining, turn the thought around, find the joy in whatever it is, find that which is positive and uplifting.  If you have some discord with someone or some situation, look for the blessing, the opportunity to learn about yourself- “If indeed I am responsible for everything in my life, what is this bothersome situation teaching me?”
  Oh the heavens are rejoicing as you lift your head and heart up for the highest self that you can be.  Remember that all that you do for yourself you do for everyone and everything on the planet and beyond as everything is connected. May you have a peaceful and joyous day.